Book #1 – The Assignment

Book # 1 The Assignment - You'll Love This Book!Book #1 THE ASSIGNMENT – Order now!

Introducing Anna’s Friends

Anna had a long list of fun things she wanted to do during the summer before entering the third grade. Those plans didn’t include HOMEWORK! “I’m going to write about this in my newspaper, Students for a Better School, Anna threatened her teacher, Mr. Henderson. But after learning about The Assignment, the seven – almost eight-year-old – had a happy change of heart.

Here’s the table of contents for the book. You’ll get to meet each one of Anna’s friends in these nine power packed chapters during the summer between second and third grade. 

1 Mr. Henderson’s Dilemma
2 The Assignment
3 Chores Before Pleasure – Facilitator
4 Cayden Comforts Anna – Mercy
5 Daniel Thinks Life Isn’t Fair – Prophecy
6 Maria Surprises Anna – Giving
7 Jesse and Anna go to Oklahoma – Serving
8 Hiro Chases Away Anna’s Bug – Exhorting
9 Sarah Volunteers at the Library – Teaching

Here’s an excerpt from chapter one: “Anna’s mind wandered from the newsletter to thinking about all the things she wanted to do on summer vacation. Good at making lists she quickly wrote down some ideas that brought a smile to her face. All of a sudden the sting of a spit ball landing on her cheek interrupted her thoughts.

Hiro (short for Hiroaki) Kawaguchi was up to his old tricks. Anna fumed inside. She felt her cheeks turning red—as red as strawberries—and her belly tightened up. She was always tolerant with her friend Hiro but, not when she was deep in her most creative thoughts like she was today.

The back of his chair caught Hiro’s blue-black hair as he slouched down in his seat and hid the smirk on his face with the book he pretended to be reading. Hiro always appeared to be a bit sloppy. He wore his jeans a bit low on his hips despite repeatedly being scolded by the teachers to keep them pulled up. Hiro constantly teased his friends and disrupted the class.

“Stop it, you pest!” Since Anna and Hiro’s desks were in the back of the room, she gritted her teeth and tried to be stern while whispering so she wouldn’t alert Mr. Henderson of Hiro’s actions. The teacher was lost in thought and writing on a note pad. He hadn’t noticed the ruckus in the back of the room.

The Assignment PreviewRead more…Chapters 1 and 2

Here’s some great reviews from a couple of mom’s!

Tammy (mother of two girls): “Kendyl and I have loved it (The Assignment – Book #1)! We are reading it together, laughing and learning. The book prompted Kendyl to ask me what was her gift. I said let’s keep reading and find out. She has a servant’s heart. It also prompted Kendyl to think about her friends and classmates and their gifts. What’s great is that this age group can relate so well to the author’s purpose. It comes shining through clearly. I didn’t tell Kendyl the theme of the book…she figured it out on her own which is important for this audience age. Yvonne is an excellent author!” 

Elizabeth (Pastor’s wife): “… This is a tool (the Anna’s Friends series) that I as a parent, as well as my children, have thoroughly enjoyed. It became the book that my three girls requested to read every night. Early in the study, they would each be so excited to see if the next character was the one they could closely relate to. Then, when they had the exciting moment of figuring out their gift, I found myself being equally as excited. They enjoyed the questions at the end of the chapters in Book 1 that helped them figure out if they were like Maria, Anna, Jesse, Hiro, and so forth. My youngest two daughters, ages 4 and 6, would squeal with excitement, “That’s me! I do that!” Interesting enough, not only did this book series help build confidence in each child regarding their gifts and how best to use them, but it helped build confidence in their “weaker” areas. For example, my middle daughter, age 6, who has the gift of Mercy, realized that daydreaming is common for others who possess the gift of mercy, as well as the hesitation to jump in and make new friends. She is less self conscience about these things now because she sees it as part of God’s design in her and others. It has encouraged her not to shy away from those areas, but to embrace them and grow.

Paola (Homeschool mom of 4): “I really enjoyed reading this book with my children. It got my children and I thinking about our own God given gifts and how we want to explore them further. We were so into the story that we could feel the emotion coming from the book. We felt Anna’s excitement as well as her sorrow at times. It is a great book which I will recommend to anyone! You even made my eyes water a few times. Xavier, my 9-year-old son laughed at the silly things Hiro would do to the girls because I think he relates to the character. I like how Mr. Henderson wants his students to share their God given gifts with the world.

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