Book #2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter



Anna engages her friends in a beauty contest for animals to raise money to save the local animal shelter. Since this is Anna’s gift we will discover how a child with the gift of facilitation works. 

Here is the table of contents:

1 Finally Third Grade
2 Anna Misses the Ice-Breaker
3 Mr. H. Chooses Anna’s Project
4 Conflict at Home
5 Being a Leader is Hard
6 Dissension in Drama Class
7 A Visit to the Animal Shelter
8 The Missing Piece
9 The Big Day

Here’s a short excerpt from chapter one: Anna finished getting ready for the first day of third grade. She looked in the mirror one last time, and skipped down the steps and into the kitchen for breakfast.

“You look like an eggplant!” Sam chuckled at her little sister.

“Well, I’d rather look like an eggplant than a bunch of carrots.” Anna ruffled Sam’s frizzy curls piled on top of her head and pulled at the sleeve of her orange dress, like popping a rubber band. She laughed at herself for being quick witted rather than getting mad at Sam, and she could take teasing pretty good.

Anna straightened her shirt and brushed her bangs away from her face. Getting a haircut for the first day of school would make her bangs look too short and show the few freckles across her nose off way too much. Anna didn’t like her freckles. Some of the kids at school teased her about them. First impressions were really important to Anna so she would get a haircut after school started.

“I do not look like a bunch of carrots.” Sam frowned at her sister.

“You both look yummy,” Mr. Riley teased his daughters. “Tomorrow let’s make a fruit salad,” he continued the dialogue in a joking manner. Anna and her father high-fived and Sam cracked a slight smile. Mr. Riley put out his hand to Sam but she didn’t return the gesture.

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