Book #3 – The Hayride


Book # 3 The Hayride - Come Join-It'll be Fun!!BOOK #3 – THE HAYRIDE – Order Now! $10.95

In The Hayride we will take a look at the gift of giving. You will go with Maria on several journey’s in this book. It is Fall Festival time and the town is buzzing with the expectations of the annual events. 

Here is the Table of Contents:

1 The Final Count
2 Maria Sees a Stranger in Need
3 Eggs Make Good Shampoo
4 Someone’s Sitting in My Seat
5 Maria Gets Mad at Anna
6 The Girl Without a Coat
7 Applesauce
8 A Million Pumpkins
9 The Hayride
10 Maria Invites a Friend for Thanksgiving

Here’s a short excerpt from chapter one: Just before Maria reached her class room she heard screaming. “Stop it. Leave me alone,” Cayden’s voice rang out near the girl’s bathroom down the hallway from their classroom. “Stop it, I said!” Cayden was always sweet and nice, no matter what so Maria couldn’t understand why she sounded so angry.

“Leave her alone. Stop it, I said, or I’ll tell Mrs. Johnson and you’ll be expelled!” Daniel had heard Cayden hollering too and had run to help her.

When Maria got to Cayden she was wiping her face from the tears. There were egg shells on her head and gooey slimy eggs in her hair and rolling down her face and onto her pretty Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume. “Don’t tell, don’t tell. My daddy will get in trouble,” Cayden cried.

“No he won’t,” Daniel, dressed like David in the bible, told her. “They’ve been bullying you since last year and they need to stop it. If you don’t tell they won’t stop,” Daniel insisted. He and Cayden had become good friends because they both had a problem with self-worth and encouraged one another.

“But they could get worse,” Maria told Daniel while she was picking up Cayden’s books from the floor. “Oh boy, look at you. Now you have to tell because you have eggs all over your hair and dress,” Maria said handing Cayden her books.

#3 The Hayride preview – Read more…Chapters 1 and 2

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