Book #4 – Hiro Plays Tiny Tim


Book # 4 -Hiro Plays Tiny Tim -You gotta meet this Guy-He's a Hoot!Book #4 – HIRO PLAYS TINY TIM – Order Now $10.95

In Hiro Plays Tiny Tim we will discover the gift of exhortation – encouragers! Hiro is a text book encourager. You will cheer for him when you see how dedicated he is to doing the best job he can in his role as Tiny Tim Cratchit in the classic play, A Christmas Carol.

Here’s is the Table of Contents

1 A Thanksgiving to Remember
2 Practice, Practice, Practice
3 Hiro’s Teasing Again
4 Opening Night Jitters
5 It’s Show Time
6 Roses and Perfume
7 God’s Answers to Prayer
8 Hiro is Celebrated
9 It’s Christmas Time

Here is a short excerpt from chapter 6: “Oh my, you are sick,” Nurse Weaver said when she took a look at her patient. She did not know Hiro was performing for his role. He made himself appear to look like he felt really, really bad.

Mrs. Nelson covered her mouth to keep from laughing at Nurse Weaver’s reaction to her best actor. Hiro spotted the black nurses bag and thought of one of the scenes in the play: he sees the contents of an open bag that Scrooge has brought to their home and screams, “Toys!”

Nurse Weaver replied just like Mister Scrooge did in the play, “Yes, toys. No no!” Hiro laughed at the nurse. “That’s my line in the play.” Nurse Weaver gave him an ugly look, then opened her black bag and told Hiro to sit next to her while she took his temperature. She reached for his arm to check his pulse. “Stay still young man. You’re wiggling like a slimy ol’ earth worm. I can’t get your pulse. Are you even alive?” she teased in a gruff tone.

Hiro couldn’t talk with the thermometer under his tongue. “I got you now. Sit still or I’ll send ya home.” Hiro immediately stopped wiggling Nurse Weaver checked his pulse and felt under his chin, then looked into his eyes with the same little light that she used to check Anna’s eyes when she fell on the first day of school. “Hmm, mmhm, so far so good.” The grumpy nurse got up from her chair and took out several things out of her black bag and spread them on Mrs. Nelson’s desk.

Hiro seized the moment and took the thermometer out of his mouth to practice one of his lines in the play, “Oh my! Look at all the wonderful things to eat (pointing to the items on the desk)! We must thank Mister Scrooge.”

The class laughed and laughed. Nurse Weaver was just like Mr. Scrooge. She was a grumpy lady that never seemed to be happy and didn’t really like the children. “Okay, that’s enough. Let Nurse Weaver finish examining Hiro,” Mrs. Nelson calmed her class.

“What did you say?” Nurse Weaver asked in a harsh tone. “Put that thermometer back in your mouth young man,” she demanded, but then had second thoughts. “Oh never mind. Bring it to me.”

Hiro took the thermometer to the nurse, limping with his crutch and putting on his sick face. “I believe in miracles,” don’t you, Nurse Weaver?” he looked at her and changed his expression to a big smile. 

“Not hardly. I believe in medicine,” she snapped back.

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