Book #5 Sarah Learns a Lesson

Book # 5 - Sarah Learns a Lesson - Got a Potential Teacher in the Family?Book #5 – SARAH LEARNS A LESSON – Order Now $10.95

In Sarah Learns a Lesson we will discover the gift of teaching! Sarah exhibits the strong traits of a child with the motivational gift of teaching. This is a delightful story about how Sarah uses her motivational gift of teaching by creating a three-week book-a-thon for her class…and she inspires the owner of the Green Tree Bookstore to create a kid’s corner.

Here’s is the Table of Contents

1 Mr. Lumpkin and Mrs. Tumbleweed
2 Don’t Burn the Boxes
3 What are we Gonna do with the Christmas Tree?
4 The Book-a-thon
5 Musical Books and Snoop Groups
6 The Class Book
7 Sarah Volunteers at the Library
8 Snow, Snow and More Snow
9 Snowed in with Bobo
10 What Was the Civil War?
11 Sarah Plays with Her Friends, Finally

This excerpt shows us Sarah’s dedication to reading and how she influences the local book store owner to create a kid’s section:

“Sarah, not now. I’m busy.” Mr. Lumpkin told her.

“I want to know where the kid’s books are?” Sarah put her hands on her hips and made her complaint. “You have to have kid’s books so we can read. You’re a book store and we want books too.” She continued making her case. “Did you give my letter to Mrs. Tumbleweed? You promised you would give it to her.”

Mr. Lumpkin closed his eyes and lowered his head in his hands.

The very tall lady Mr. Lumpkin was talking with thumbed through a large binder she was holding in her hands. She pulled out a piece of paper and held it out in front of her like it had the flu or something and began to read, having a hard time reading Sarah’s cursive writing.

Dear Mrs. Tumbleweed, My name is Sarah Sims. I am eight years old and in the third grade at Praston Elementary School. I’ll be nine in February. I am learning to write cursive. I visit your store sometime with my mom because I love to read and some of my friends do to. I think you will sell more books if you have a place just for kids to sit down and read some of the books they might want to buy. Your store should be a fun place for us to come, don’t you agree?

Thank you,
Sarah Sims

“Are you this Sarah Sims?” Mrs. Tumbleweed asked sternly.

“Yes, I am. Who are you?” Sarah asked with confidence.

“I’m Mrs. Lois Tumbleweed.” The very tall lady leaned down and reached out her hand to shake Sarah’s, but Sarah didn’t want to shake back. She had to get to know adults before she took a liking to them, especially if they didn’t look friendly, and Mrs. Tumbleweed didn’t look too friendly.

“Well, Miss Sarah Sims, why are you so interested in us selling more kid’s books?”

Sarah took a deep breath. She hesitated a bit to formulate her thoughts. “Because! Because, we have to read in order to learn. If we don’t read, we will grow up stupid. If we don’t read, we won’t know how to live in this world. If we don’t read, you will be stuck with a lot of problems when we grow up.” Sarah stood still waiting for a response from Mrs. Tumbleweed. But instead of replying the store owner just stared at her.

Sarah stared back.

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