Book #6 Jesse Can’t Say No

Book # 6 - Jessie Can't Say No - A Lesson We All Need To Learn.Book #6 – Jesse Can’t Say No
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Book #6, Jesse Can’t Say No, is a fun story about how Jesse uses his motivational gift of giving to help his mother who is having twins, and his father around the new farm they will be moving to. You’ll meet goats Mimi and Dodi and a Calf named Buster, and some other fun farm animals.

Here’s the Table of Contents

1 Skiddle Bee and Sirius
2 Anna Meets the Kids
3 Show and Tell
4 Jesse Likes to Paint
5 The Twins Come Early
6 Salad, Yuck!
7 Too Much Rain
8 Gino the Frog
9 Moving to the Farm
10 The Funeral
11 I’m Pooped

This excerpt shows how Jesse’s gift to serve (help) causes a little rift between him and Harry:

Stan the painter was high up on his ladder painting the eves of the Delaney’s new house. “Harry, get me that paint bucket over there,” Stan called to his helper who was almost too old to move, but wasn’t ready to retire, so Stan let him help out how ever he could.

“I’ll get it,” Jesse hollered. He dropped the water hose he was using to water the newly planted shrubs by the front porch and ran to pick up the paint bucket. “Here you go, Mr. Stan,” Jesse said as he scurried over to the ladder with the bucket full of fern green paint jiggling from side to side.

Harry, who looked like he was 200 years old, Jesse thought, hobbled out from behind the house. Harry didn’t get to the paint bucket before Jesse did. “Hey kid, you do your job and I’ll do mine, okay?” Harry was very grumpy to Jesse, not very nice.

“I was just trying to help,” Jesse answered back as he attempted to lift up the heavy bucket to give to Harry, paint jumping over the top of the can and splashing onto Jesse’s pants and boots.

“Yeh, well, now look what you’ve done. You’ve got paint all over you.” Harry raised his hand like he was preaching a fiery sermon. “Your father is going to skin you alive for getting those boots stained with paint.” Harry scowled with a rickety voice, “Now get on over there and do your job.”

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