Book #7 – Cayden and Mrs. Jules

Book # 7 - Cayden & Mrs. Jules - This Is One of My Favorite StoriesBook 7 – Cayden and Mrs. Jules – Order Now $10.95

Cayden had skated by Mrs. Jules house for almost a year but had no idea who the little Indian lady was, until one day, she fell and skinned her knees in front of her house. Cobwebs and a spider named Spike, a spooky room with a light on, a grumpy lady who never wore shoes, and a creaky rocking chair, made Cayden want to know more about her neighbor. This 150-page chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled with fun and laughter, conflict and emotion, and a story that will touch the heart of moms and dads too.

Here’s the Table of Contents

1 Mrs. Jules
2 Grading Papers
3 Abi
4 The Sleep-Over
5 Flip-Flop Mania
6 Mrs. Jules Isn’t Happy
7 Aunt Lakesia Comes for Easter
8 Who’s Skippy?
9 Too Many Kids
10 Mrs. Jules Secret

 This excerpt shows us how Cayden helps her BGG Abi understand Mrs. Jules:

“Cayden and Abi hopped up off the porch floor and ran out in the yard to gather some grass. They got lots of handfuls then glued it all over the flip-flops, Cayden did the right one, and Abi, the left. “She’ll love these!” Cayden wrote a note on a card and stuffed it in an envelope then shouted out. “Daddy, we’re going to take these to Mrs. Jules. Be back!” The girls ran down the steps, up the side-walk, and right up to Mrs. Jules front porch.

“What in the sam hill are you doin in my yard?” the grumpy lady touted.

Abi got truly scared and stopped in her tracks, but Cayden continued up the steps. “Mrs. Jules, we made you a present.”

“I don’t need a present!” she scowled.

“Everybody needs presents. You will like this one!” Cayden handed her the flip-flops and the note card. Mrs. Jules held the grass covered flip-flops up to the light so she could see them real good. “We have flip-flops too and thought you might like a pair for when you do your yard work? They are all grassy—and,…”

Mrs. Jules tossed the grass flip-flops into a chair next to her. “I don’t wear shoes. Now go on. Go on home.” She slid back in her rocker and began to slowly rock, pushing her bare feet up, back and forth and back and forth, creak, back and forth, creak, the card in hand.

“Go on. Get off my porch!”

Cayden and Abi ran down Mrs. Jules driveway and all the way back to Cayden’s house. “She’s so mean. Why do you want to spend time with her?” Abi questioned her BFF.

“She has a broken heart,” Cayden cried. “We have to be nice to her.”

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