Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away

Daniel Moves Away the final book in the Anna’s Friends book series.  It is coming January 2017 – a look at the gift of prophecy.

Book # 8 - Daniel Moves Away - The Closing Story for This Age GroupBook 8 – Daniel Moves Away – Order Now $10.95

Daniel and his younger brother moves to Florida to live with his father for the rest of the school year until their mother is finished with her chemo treatments. Anna has been Daniel’s next door neighbor as long as they have been alive. She doesn’t know what to do without her friend. When he moves back home during the summer just before 4th grade starts, Anna notices how much her friend has changed. Conflicts arise and Daniel really, really makes Anna mad! This 150+-page chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled is conflict that growing kids experience. It has some emotion and some surprises that only Anna can bring to a trying relationship. This story that will touch the heart of not only kids, but moms and dads too.

Here’s the Table of Contents (working chapter titles)

1 A New School
2 Another Summer Assignment
3 Daniel’s Broken Promise
4 Pizza Night
5 Wrong Number, Again!
6 A Day at the Beach
7 Four More Weeks
8 Ho Hum, Summer Bum
9 The Marble Contest
10 Daniel Comes Home
11 Friends and Fireflies

Here is a brief excerpt showing young Anna reacting to a failed promise from her friend Daniel:

“Daniel, call me back.” Anna slammed the phone back on its cradle in the hallway and headed outside to sit on top of her slide. The phone fell off and hit the floor.

“Come back here young lady and put the phone back, gently this time,” Mr. Riley hollered from behind his newspaper to Anna.

“Okay,” a gloomy Anna reluctantly went back in the house to correct the error of her ways, as her father would say. After she hung the phone back up she ran back out into the yard, climbed the steps on the slide, and sat on top as she usually did when she wanted to think. Furry Fred, Anna’s trusty Newfoundland, laid at the bottom of the slide, his favorite spot in the yard, in the dirt hole that had formed because he laid there so much.

Bark, bark! Furry Fred had learned to tell when Anna was not happy. “Why won’t Daniel call me back. I’ve called him five times since he left,” Anna answered Furry Fred.

It had been almost three months since Daniel and his younger brother Pete had to move to Florida to live with their father so their mother could take her chemo treatments. Daniel promised to stay in touch with Anna while he was away. Even though Maria was Anna’s best friend, Daniel was her best neighbor friend. She couldn’t call him a boyfriend because that would mean she liked him, so she came up with neighbor friend. Daniel and Anna had lived side by side their whole lives on earth so really were BFF’s in a different way from her and Maria.

#8 Daniel Moves Away preview – Read more…Chapters 1 and 2

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