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One of the challenges that all of us experience is figuring out what we were created to do on earth. And, even when we think we know, at times we still wonder if we are right in the center of the flow of life and maximizing our full potential. You see, we all come into this world with certain God given abilities that enable us to express God’s love. When we learn of those around us who need to see that love, we are motivated (based on our gift) to meet their need. The Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child (it is just that – a guide) will help you understand why your little ones express certain types of behavior. It is fascinating to watch them grow, isn’t it? They are so eager to learn.  

Anna and her friends each possess one of the 7 motivational gifts found in Romans 12:6-8. In the Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child, you will meet Anna (the leader/facilitator), Daniel (the prophet), Maria (the giver), Cayden (the merciful), Jesse (the servant), Hiro (the exhorter), and Sarah (the teacher).  Here is what you will see in the Parent’s Guide.

What is in the Parent’s Guide?

Chapter 1 – Understanding the Will of God in Our Lives

  1. Our role as parents and guardians
  2. Are the motivational gifts to be used solely in religious service?
  3. An example of someone that tapped into their motivational gifts
  4. No one person is more-or-less important than another
  5. Seek counsel and wisdom

Chapter 2 – Discovering Your Child’s Motivational Gift(s)
Chapter 3 – Hiro, the Class Clown, has the Gift of Exhortation
Chapter 4 – Anna Leads her Friends with the Gift of Facilitation
Chapter 5 – Maria has the Gift of Giving and is Anna’s Best Friend
Chapter 6 – Cayden Loves Animals and has the Healing Gift of Mercy
Chapter 7 – Daniel has a Strong Prophetic Gift
Chapter 8 – Jesse Loves to Serve his Friends and Family
Chapter 9 – Sarah has the Gift of Teaching
Chapter 10 – About the Anna’s Friends Book Series
Chapter 11 – How Environment Affects Operation of the Gifts
Chapter 12 – A Quiz for Children to Discover Their Gift

Worksheets to Develop You Children’s Gifts


Listen to this 55 minute engaging presentation by Yvonne Williams at the 2017 Florida Parent-Teachers Association (FPEA) annual convention in Orlando, FL as she helps attendees discover which of the 7 motivational gifts found in Romans 12:6-8 their children have.  



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The Parent’s Package Includes:

An Anna’s Friends Tote Bag filled with goodies for your child:
A Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child – The workbook that explains each of the seven motivational gifts
Books #1, through #8 of the Anna’s Friends (paperback)
Anna’s Friends Love to Pray: My Personal Prayer Journal
Color Me Love Coloring Books #1 and #2 with Crayola crayons
8 Anna’s Friends rainbow pencils
8 Anna’s Friends stick on stickers
8 Anna’s Friends book marks

Note** Explanation of each book
#1 The Assignment (an introduction to all of Anna’s Friends
#2 Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter (a look at the gift of facilitator
#3 The Hayride (a look at the gift of giving
#4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim (a look at the gift of exhortation
#5 Sarah Learns a Lesson (a look at the gift of teaching)
#6 Jesse Can’t Say No (a look at the gift of service)
#7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules (a look at the gift of mercy)
#8 Daniel Moves Away (a look at the gift of prophecy)


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