Color Me Love Coloring Books

COLOR ME LOVE – $12.95 each book + shipping
or $19.95 for both books on sale this month
(includes a box of 8 color crayons – 2 boxes for the set)


Develop cognitive skills through coloring

I chose the title, Color Me Love because the motivational gifts are used to express God’s love to others. The Anna’s Friends Color Me Love coloring books are a fun way for you to get to know Anna and her friends a little better. 

There are multiple choice questions before each image that help develop your child’s cognitive learning skills by asking them to remember a little something about the picture they are going to color. For more fun, there is a word search puzzle at the end of each of the four sections in each book. All of the answers to the puzzles are at the end of the coloring book in case you need some help, but really try and find them on your own first. It’s more fun that way. And, the words in the sentences scattered throughout the Color Me Love coloring book can be colored too! I hope you enjoy!!




Here is a sample word puzzle from “The Assignment”

When you buy the Color Me Love coloring book you will get a set of 8 crayons to begin creating pretty pictures right away.  And there is a special bonus at the end! You will find a picture of me, Anna and all of my friends that you can color. Then you can cut it out and hang it on your wall. Also, there is a picture you can color to make a greeting card for someone special. 

Love, Anna





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