My Personal Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal for Children

Anna’s Friends love to talk to God

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Anna’s Friends Love to Pray! 

Hello there,

Do you want to learn to pray more? I remember when I first started. It was a little bit scary. But the more I talked to God the easier it became. He’s really easy to talk with. That’s really what prayer is — talking to God.

The goal of this prayer journal is to give you a way to record what you talk to God about. You can do that by writing down your prayer in the space that says, “My prayer to God” in the next pages. There are almost 100 places for you to write down your prayers.

When you believe God is answering your prayer – even if you think he’s saying NO – then write the answer in the space that says, “God’s answer to me”. You will see it beneath your prayer to God.

At the end of the 100 spaces, there are some blank pages for you to write down anything that you want to write about. This is your personal journal that will help you build your faith and relationship with God.

Have fun! Now let’s get started. Order your copy today and I’ll sign it for you!

Love, Anna

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