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Yvonne William has been involved in the anti-human trafficking movement since 2004 and is considered one of the fore-runners of this issue in the United States. With the average age of victimization being 12-14, she felt it was imperative that a book be written for children at a level where they can understand the issues. “Children want to know more about this issue than we want to tell them. We have to trust that they have the capacity to understand today’s world and the issues they and their friends are confronted with,” says Williams.

Sophie Has a SecretSophie Has a Secret
is a book written for children at the  fourth grade level, or ages 9-10. After the premier in Asheville, NC of the PG-13 feature film, A Dance for about sex trafficking in the United States, a nine-year old girl came up to Yvonne (screenwriter of the film) and pulled on her shirt. She said, “Miss Yvonne, I loved it. I’m going to be bring all my friends to see A Dance for Bethany. We need to know about this.” Yvonne had no idea that the little girl had come to the premier with her mother. Another child came to tell her the same day that, “Watching A Dance for Bethany made me think about making better choices.” This was an 11 year old boy.  This response from children who watched the film, and working as an advocate for children ever since, inspired her to write, Sophie Has a Secret.

“I literary read this entire book in one sitting. I absolutely loved it! Sophie Has a Secret is very well written and easy to understand for the targeted age group. It is not only fun to read but engages the reader in every page and brings them into the mind of Anna and her life. Sophie Has a Secret brought tears to my eyes as well as giggles. Child abuse and human trafficking are incredibly important topics that we should be teaching our children outside of their home as depicted in this incredible children’s book. I am a mother of 4 children and will be certainly be adding Sophie Has a Secret to our reading resources.” ~Paola Garcia, founder of Faces of Child Abuse.

20% of proceeds from the sale of Sophie Has a Secret are donated to one of my favorite organizations, Faces of Child Abuse.  Faces of Child Abuse is a TX based non-governmental organization (NGO) developed by homeschool mom, Paola Garcia, in the summer of 2011 after learning about the abuse and rape of a 5 month of child known as, Baby Brianna. Paola has created a week long educational program for K-5 titled, Blue Ribbon Week. Parts of the Blue Ribbon Week Program are written throughout the book and used in collaboration with FOCA. Please visit her website for the entire program and consider using it in your school, homeschool group, or church youth group. 

EXCERPT: “Mom?” Anna’s tone grew serious. She wanted to talk to her mother about what Joshua had told her about Sophie, but she did a pinkie swear not to tell anyone. Mrs. Riley slid over on the sofa so she could look at Anna face to face. “What is it, Punkie?”

“I did a pinkie swear with Joshua about something, but I don’t think it needs to be a secret from you. Maria wanted me to tell her, but I wouldn’t. I told her when I do a pinkie swear it means I can’t tell, even if she is my besty, and I had to be true to the one I promised.” Anna was very serious. She sat cross armed and cross legged on the sofa. “What do you think?”

Mrs. Riley thought for a moment then made a comment. “Well, you are right. When you promise someone to keep a secret you should. I am proud of you.”

Anna smiled up at her mother, but not a really big smile that said she 100 percent agreed. “Well.” Anna scrunched her nose and bit down on her lower lip. “What if the secret is something that I need to talk about because…just, because?”

“Is it something that would hurt someone if you told?”

“No. They’ve already been hurt?” Anna said with a very sad face.

“Is it something that you can make better for the person who was hurt if you tell?” Mrs. Riley asked Anna trying to help her make a smart decision.

“I think so, but I don’t really know what I can do to help.” Anna’s mind was thinking about everything that Joshua told her happened to Sophie and she didn’t understand some of it.

“Okay, one more question. Do you trust me as your mother to tell me and to do the right thing?” Mrs. Riley sat back and relaxed into the sofa. She tossed a throw pillow at Anna while she tried to answer. Anna held the pillow tight and thought for a long time. She knew Sophie had already been hurt and she knew that now the person who hurt her couldn’t hurt her anymore. And she also thought that she could trust her mother to do the right thing. “Okay, I think I should tell you. Remember what happened to Bethany in the movie?” Anna began, a little nervous.

Mrs. Riley shook her head, “Yes, I remember.”

“Well, remember that little girl, Sophie, that played hop-scotch on the sidewalk at church, Joshua’s sister, and that Maria had them come over for Thanksgiving dinner last year, and that she never talks, and that…”

“Slow up, sweetie.” Anna talked in long sentences and went from slow to fast when she was anxious. “I remember.”

“Well, Sophie’s daddy hurt her that way and now he’s in jail and that’s why Sophie doesn’t talk. Joshua called it trauma. He tried to get his father away from Sophie and he hit him and that is why he is blind in his eye.”

“Oh my,” Mrs. Riley was silent and praying secretly as Anna shared with her about what Joshua had told her. 

“He said the police found some bad pictures of a lot of children. They called it porn. Sophie’s in school this year, in second grade because her moma thinks it will help her and she finally waved hi to Maria on the first day of school. And, I pinkie swore to Joshua I wouldn’t tell.” Anna broke out in tears and buried her face in her mother’s lap when she finally told her mother all that Joshua had said.


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