Attention Preschoolers!

27th Oct 2017

Hi Mom’s and Dad’s! It’s me, Anna Renee Riley!

I am getting ready to go to preschool and I just can’t wait. All of my friends will be there. My momma told me I’m going to meet some new friends too. I’m ready to become a school girl. It makes me feel all grown up. Preschool can’t come fast enough. I’ve been dreaming about this day, and it’s FINALLY here!!

Ms. Yvonne wrote a really cool book about our first day at preschool. It’s called, Anna’s Friends Go to Preschool, and I just love it!! Miss Jenny, she’s our teacher, does a good fun bible lesson and teaches us that we all have a gift from that makes us do what we do. They’re called motivational gifts.

You might be wondering why it’s important to learn what your kids gifts are at such a young age. Well, that’s because this is when our gifts really start to show up. Here’s an example of how it’s written in the book at the end of the four stories. We each remind the kids why we act like we do in the stories. Here’s what my page says:

Hi. I’m Anna. If you think you are like me, here are some things I do that help me give God’s love away.

My motivational gift is a really long word. Facilitation!  Say it like this: Fa (like pa) cil (like window sill) i ( like ick) tator (like ali – gator). I plan projects!

I am always thinking ahead because I am a planner and make lots of notes. Remember, I told my momma to make a list of what I need for pre-school.

I love to quickly get to know new kids at school or church. That’s why I rushed to meet Sarah and Cayden.

Sometimes I boss my friends around, but not ugly like. Did you read how I told everyone to go help Jesse when he dropped his crayons? And, I told Maria to get him a tissue? And I even told everyone where to sit.  Watch for this in the other stories.

Many times, I don’t ask my mom or dad permission before doing things I like to do. This isn’t a good idea. I like to have my own way. This isn’t cool. Your mom will show you why.

It doesn’t take me long to clean up my messy room and I don’t get upset if I spill something on my clothes. It will wash out. And, I like active games like jump rope, T-ball, and even hope scotch.

There’s one of these pages for each of my friends! You’re really going to love Anna’s Friends Go to Preschool!