Summer Fun!

11th May 2017

I have the gift of facilitation / leadership

Hi Everyone, it’s me, Anna!

School is just about out for the summer. If you are like me you have a lot of things you want to do. As for me, I’m starting my summer by attending the Florida Parent-Educators Association Annual Convention where we will have a booth set up with all the books that Ms. Yvonne wrote. Here’s a little bit about the event. I hope you’ll come!

Yvonne Williams, creator of the Anna’s Friends Children’s Books and the companion, A Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child, will be presenting a workshop at the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention in May!

Workshop Topics of discussion include:

1. The scriptural foundation for the motivational gifts
2. The purpose and description of each of the seven gifts
3. How to identify your child’s gift by examining their character traits and personality
4. How to develop your child’s gift(s)

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth #1223. We will be offering a FREE copy of “Anna’s Friends Love to Pray: My Personal Prayer Journal” with any purchase of one of the Anna’s Friends books or the popular Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child. In this unique prayer journal for children, there is room to write down prayers and a space to write down the answer to those prayers. It’s a fun way for children to develop their relationship with God.

And, the entire Anna’s Friends series has been completed and is now available. We will be offering $23.00 off the entire set of 8 books. Pre-order your set now for this convention price and pick them up at the Anna’s Friends booth #1223 to save shipping costs.

For those who can’t make it to the FPEA Convention, you may take advantage of the discounted set price today until May 27th and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING as well.

What’s in the Anna’s Friends Book Series?

The Anna’s Friends book series begins on the last day of second grade and takes children all the way through third-grade and into the summer before fourth-grade. With summer right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to introduce your children to the Anna’s Friends Children’s Book series, set of 8 books, each written from the few point of one of Anna’s friends who has one of the seven motivational gifts described in Romans 12:6-8.

If you’re new to the Anna’s Friends series, here is peek at the Gift of Exhortation

The Motivational gift of exhortation (better known as encouragement) is easily spotted in children. You can enhance your parenting skills when you understand why your little one just can’t stay still or loves to tease his friends by putting rubber critters in their back-packs. Pin this image and share! Read this post to learn more about this fun and much needed gift in the body of Christ.

A look at Books #2 – #8

Book #2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter – Mr. Henderson selects Anna’s project since it includes all the children and gives each of them a chance to use their gifts.
Book #3 – The Hayride – Maria’s gift of giving is in full bloom when she meets a new family in town that needs some support.
Book #4 – Hiro Plays Tiny Tim – Clowning around and acting are Hiro’s favorite things to do. You will get some good belly laughs as you read through this fun-loving story and see how the gift of exhortation comes through children.
Book #5 – Sarah Learns a Lesson – When the local book store owner surprises Sarah with a unique gift, she finally understands how to overcome the greatest obstacle in the child with the motivational gift of teaching.
Book #6 – Jesse Can’t Say No – The gift of service works so well on a farm that has lots of animals and lots of chores. You may see your own child in this heart warming story…and you’ll get to meet Mimi and Dodi,Jesse’s pet goats.
Book #7 – Cayden and Mrs. Jules – Children who are motivated to give mercy love older people and animals. Cayden is a text-book mercy-giver. her gift shines through, especially when she meets the new girl, Abby, from California who can’t say her “r’s” and faints funny.
Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away – The last gift in the series is that of prophecy. Daniel wants his friends to be good, but he has a difficult time as a new student in a really big new school.

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Read what Elizabeth and her three girls have to say about Anna’s Friends

“… This is a tool (the Anna’s Friends series) that I as a parent, as well as my children, have thoroughly enjoyed. It became the book that my three girls requested to read every night. Early in the study, they would each be so excited to see if the next character was the one they could closely relate to. Then, when they had the exciting moment of figuring out their gift, I found myself being equally as excited. They enjoyed the questions at the end of the chapters in Book #1, [The Assignment] that helped them figure out if they were like Maria, Anna, Jesse, Hiro, and so forth. My youngest two daughters, ages 4 and 6, would squeal with excitement, “That’s me! I do that!” Interesting enough, not only did this book series help build confidence in each child regarding their gifts and how best to use them, but it helped build confidence in their “weaker” areas. For example, my middle daughter, age 6, who has the gift of Mercy, realized that daydreaming is common for others who possess the gift of mercy, as well as the hesitation to jump in and make new friends. She is less self conscience about these things now because she sees it as part of God’s design in her and others. It has encouraged her not to shy away from those areas, but to embrace them and grow.

I definitely would not limit this series to a young age group because even Again, thank you for sharing. I find myself recommending this series any time I am talking with another mom about books for their families. In fact, I have been loaning mine out already as we finish each book! “Anna’s Friends” is a good, solid study and is enjoyable for the whole family.”

See you there!

Love, Anna