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Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect.
No other person or outside force has a greater influence  on a child than the parent.

–Bob Keeshan, “Captain Kangaroo”

One of the highlights of working with youth was when I discovered and came to understand the motivational gifts found in the book of Romans. I had an ahah moment… Imagine the impact on our children’s lives if we could truly guide them in the direction they were born to go in! (Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.) 

I quickly jotted down some ideas and created a notebook for each one of the gifts, then set out to completely and thoroughly understand each of them. It was exhilarating to imagine the impact on children if they only understood why they did the things they do–if parents understood why their children did the things they do!

Anna’s Friends is a series of 8 children’s books written from the perspective of children, each one with a different motivational gift found in Roman’s 12:6-8. The stories in each book shows the interaction between each of Anna’s friends in a multitude of life scenarios that children will be able to relate to, and how they would respond to one another based on their gift, You may find your child connecting with a character that most resembles them thus enabling them to learn what motivates and inspires them as well. 

You will meet (front row in photo at the right) Sarah (the teacher), Anna (the facilitator/administrator), Hiro (the exhorter), Maria (the giver), (back row) Daniel (the prophet), Cayden (the merciful), and Jesse (the servant).

Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child is companion book for the parents to read so they can discover their child’s gift(s). These gifts are the inward drive that we all have to express God’s love to others.

Each of the Lesson’s contain the following:

• The purpose and description of the gift
• Getting to know a Bible character with the gift
• Recognizing and Identifying Character Traits of your child’s gift
• Challenges for the child with the gift of the respective gift 
• Family Engagement to develop the gift
• Story of a famous person with the gift
• Meeting Anna’s friends

Here’s what one mom said about Anna’s Friends: Elizabeth: “… This is a tool (the Anna’s Friends series) that I as a parent, as well as my children, have thoroughly enjoyed. It became the book that my three girls requested to read every night. Early in the study, they would each be so excited to see if the next character was the one they could closely relate to. Then, when they had the exciting moment of figuring out their gift, I found myself being equally as excited. They enjoyed the questions at the end of the chapters in Book 1 that helped them figure out if they were like Maria, Anna, Jesse, Hiro, and so forth. My youngest two daughters, ages 4 and 6, would squeal with excitement, “That’s me! I do that!” Interesting enough, not only did this book series help build confidence in each child regarding their gifts and how best to use them, but it helped build confidence in their “weaker” areas. For example, my middle daughter, age 6, who has the gift of Mercy, realized that daydreaming is common for others who possess the gift of mercy, as well as the hesitation to jump in and make new friends. She is less self conscience about these things now because she sees it as part of God’s design in her and others. It has encouraged her not to shy away from those areas, but to embrace them and grow.

I definitely would not limit this series to a young age group because even my pre-teen, age 12, would request that we take a break and read it. In fact, she grew tired of waiting for us, and read on through the series herself! Again, thank you for sharing. I find myself recommending this series any time I am talking with another mom about books for their families. In fact, I have been loaning mine out already as we finish each book! “Anna’s Friends” is a good, solid study and is enjoyable for the whole family.”


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