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Comments regarding “Anna’s Friends Go to Preschool”

Lorin age 5: “I go to preschool. It is great! I like the part about Anna and friends “Jesus” and making friends.”

Rebekah (Lorin’s Mom): “This is a great book to simply challenge you and your family to understand personal gifting’s. My preschooler, loves to read Anna and friends. The first night he did not want me to stop reading it. He wanted to learn more about his new friends! This book is fun and engaging for preschooler-first grade as well as the whole family! He shouted out that’s like me. I am a good teacher!”

Comment regarding the entire series:

Elizabeth: “… This is a tool (the Anna’s Friends series) that I as a parent, as well as my children, have thoroughly enjoyed. It became the book that my three girls requested to read every night. Early in the study, they would each be so excited to see if the next character was the one they could closely relate to. Then, when they had the exciting moment of figuring out their gift, I found myself being equally as excited. They enjoyed the questions at the end of the chapters in Book 1 that helped them figure out if they were like Maria, Anna, Jesse, Hiro, and so forth. My youngest two daughters, ages 4 and 6, would squeal with excitement, “That’s me! I do that!” Interesting enough, not only did this book series help build confidence in each child regarding their gifts and how best to use them, but it helped build confidence in their “weaker” areas. For example, my middle daughter, age 6, who has the gift of Mercy, realized that daydreaming is common for others who possess the gift of mercy, as well as the hesitation to jump in and make new friends. She is less self conscience about these things now because she sees it as part of God’s design in her and others. It has encouraged her not to shy away from those areas, but to embrace them and grow.

I definitely would not limit this series to a young age group because even my pre-teen, age 12, would request that we take a break and read it. In fact, she grew tired of waiting for us, and read on through the series herself!

Again, thank you for sharing. I find myself recommending this series any time I am talking with another mom about books for their families. In fact, I have been loaning mine out already as we finish each book! “Anna’s Friends” is a good, solid study and is enjoyable for the whole family.”

Comments about the Parent’s Guide:

Jody (Parent at the FPEA Convention in FL): On Saturday, the third and final day that the exhibitor booths were open, one of the parent’s who purchased the Parent’s Guide on Thursday took the time to come back to my booth. She said, “I want to show you what I have been doing.” Jody opened her Parent’s Guide and said, “I was up until 3:00 AM this morning reading and marking the charts for each of my children.” This mother had color coded all seven of the check lists — there’s one at the end of each chapter — so she could determine each of her six children’s motivational gifts. I was absolutely astounded that she took the time at such an action packed convention to make this discovery. We talked a bit about each child and how the information will affect how she is able to interact with her children now that she understands the special needs that each one have based on their motivational gifts. We also talked about some suggestions to make the Parent’s Guide even better. Thank you Jody for being such an inspiring mom. You rock!!

Paola, Parent of 4: I started reading yesterday and I have to tell you…I AM HOOKED! You had my attention at the intro! To have this knowledge is priceless. I LOVE what God is directing you to do. I’m getting tons of ideas on how to help you promote and help parents know about this book. Thank you so much!

Stephanie: Purchased the Parent’s Guide and Book #1. I am very excited to read your book to my daughter and to read through the Parent’s Guide. I really believe it will help parent’s to be better encouragers of our children. I know this is something I really need! Thank you.

Comments about Book #1, The Assignment:

Tammy: “Kendyl and I have loved it (The Assignment)! We are reading it together, laughing and learning. The book prompted Kendyl to ask me what her gift was. I said let’s keep reading and find out. She has a servant’s heart. It also prompted Kendyl to think about her friends and classmates and their gifts. What’s great is that this age group can relate so well to the author’s purpose. It comes shining through clearly. I didn’t tell Kendyl the theme of the book…she figured it out on her own which is important for this audience age. Yvonne is an excellent author!”

A Parent: “We end our home work sessions by reading a chapter in The Assignment. Jeremy loves learning about why he likes to show off in front of people. He really relates to Hiro. I think that’s because he’s an exhorter!”

Angela: “I opened the manuscript and began reading a few pages. I was IMMEDIATELY “sucked” into the story and I can’t wait to finish what I need to do right now so I may get back to the book. Enough said? I am ..I.I don’t have the words. This is a God thing.”

Pat: “I’ve sent five youth ministers the Anna’s Friends information. I love spreading the word about this series.”

Amelia: I  met Amelia at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. She came back to my booth on Friday after her grandmother purchased Book #1 (The Assignment) and Book #2 (Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter) on Thursday. Amelia walked up to my table and stood right in front of it. After we exchanged hello’s I asked her if she had had a chance to read any of the books. She looked me right in the eye and said, “Yes and I don’t like Hiro.” I asked her, “Why don’t you like Hiro?” Amelia replied, “Because he shoots spit balls at the girls.” I laughed and told her that as she reads further into the book she will see that Hiro’s actually a pretty cool friend. Then, I asked her who her favorite character is and she scanned the seven cut-out kids and pointed to Anna. “Anna is my favorite and…hmmm…(she continued to scan and pointed to Maria), Maria is my next favorite.” I asked her if she liked the book overall and she said, “Oh yes. I can’t wait to finish reading the books.” I received the photo at the left and at the bottom it said, “I love the Anna’s Friends books!” Thank you Amelia for being one of Anna’s Friends. You have a wonderful grandmother!

Paola: “I really enjoyed reading this book with my children. It got my children and I thinking about our own God given gifts and how we want to explore them further. We were so into the story that we could feel the emotion coming from the book. We felt Anna’s excitement as well as her sorrow at times. It is a great book which I will recommend to anyone! You even made my eyes water a few times.”

Xavier: “My 9-year-old son laughed at the silly things Hiro would do to the girls because I think he relates to the character. I like how Mr. Henderson wants his students to share their God given gifts with the world.”

Aysel: “My 10-year-old daughter was into the book and loved how God was included and prayer was mentioned. She really enjoyed reading Anna’s Friends. She liked how it was easy to understand and follow.”

Comments about Book #2 Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter

Tammy: Kendyl’s teacher wants her class to read 30 minutes every night before bed. She wants to read Anna’s Friends. She really loves this series. I’ll let you know what she says about each book as she reads it. Do you go to churches and talk about this? (My answer, yes, I do! Just get a group together and I’ll come. Libraries are good too because they have meeting rooms.)

Comments about Book #3 The Hayride

Cindy: “We have thoroughly enjoyed The Hayride! My daughter likes reading how kids respond to other kids through the stories. She told me she likes Maria because she stands up for other kids. What a great series!”

Comments about Book #4 Hiro Plays Tiny Tim

Mike: “Hiro rocks! He’s a cute kid with a fun and happy spirit. Reminds me of how I used to tease my friends with rubber critters. My son does the same thing!”

Comments about Book #5 Sarah Learns a Lesson

A Parent: Now we know why Kathy likes to spend so much time alone and reading. She has the gift of teaching. She really relates to Sarah. Thank you for writing this amazing series.

Comments about Book #6 Jesse Can’t Say No

Rebekah: Oh, my gosh! Little Jesse (Jesse Can’t Say No) reminds me of my nephew. He’s always jumping in to help and many times makes matters worse, lol! Now we know why. He’s a servant. You developed his character so true to form…Kelly laughed and clapped her hands when the goats romped up on their stack of hay. She wanted to get some goats! Of course I told her we can’t have goats where we live, but will see if we can find a farm to go visit. This is her favorite book so far. She even said, Mom, Tommy is like Jesse!

Comments about Book #7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules

Parent: The story of Cayden and Mrs. Jules is so well written, you want to keep reading to see what is next. It’s a real page turner. My daughter said, “Mom. I want to have a sleep-over like Anna did and make some sleep-over flip-flops!” We laughed and cried when we learned about Mrs. Jules secret. 

Comments in General:

Dianne, Grandmother: Thank you so much! Kynslee just loves them (Anna’s Friends Books #1 – #4). She is in the second grade this year and reads like a pro. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the set is.

Cynthia, Parent: What a creative way to introduce children to their God given gifts and talents!

Kyong, School Teacher: I love Anna’s Friends! Would you be willing to come to our school and present a program? Teachers could benefit from this series. It could help them understand their students better.

Douglas, Parent: Wonderful writing. I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else. I wish I’d found this years ago. It would have made a significant impact on my children and myself.

Comments about the Prayer Journal:

Jill: I LOVE the Prayer Journal and how my children can write down the answers to their own prayers. What an awesome idea. I haven’t seen anything like this and it will help them develop their own relationship with God. I want one for each of my children.

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